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Listen; money is not hard! It just takes a plan and discipline to accomplish your goals. You are beyond worthy of experiencing and living your best life. So let me show you how to get your money together! 

Hi  I'm Ashley Copeland 


Welcome to Stacks and the City. A place where I share all the secrets to living a healthy financial lifestyle. I am the Money Maker but a few people have called me the "soon-to-be" Millionaire Next Door ... LOL; I’m just a black girl who knows how to flip and save her money and now it’s time to show you how to do the same.


A little bit about me, I leveraged working on Capitol Hill and a few Fortune 500 companies to work in the hospitality industry. I’ll tell you why later (wink). During my time as a waitress, I saved my money and purchased two properties in Washington, DC, started a Roth IRA, and generated a net worth of $100,000. Yes, I did all of this in my twenties, without financial assistance, and without earning a six-figure salary.  


I’ve traveled to over 25 countries and sharing with the world the importance of real estate, financial literacy, and enjoying life while doing it. Ya’ll it’s not hard and I’m going to show you how to do it. All it takes it HARD WORK! Now, are you ready to Stack Your Money in the City? 




Your weekly dose on how to improve your money life. Learn how to save money and still live "Your Best Life"! 


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