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Are you interested in becoming a homeowner? Do you want to learn the ins and outs of the stock market but are afraid of losing your money? Don't know where to start?  Stacks and the City is all about empowering beginner women investors to learn the fundamentals of the real estate and stock markets.  I've done all of the leg work for you so you can confidently make smart investments that you'll see grow for generations to come.  It's time to build wealth and make the money you work so hard for pay you.

Hi  I'm Ashley Copeland 


I come from rural North Carolina where I was raised by a single mother in a double wide trailer. I started working my first job as a server at Cracker Barrel at 16 and quickly learned the value of hard work. I've been a voracious reader since I first learned to read and learned about ways to save and invest money. At 21, after years of saving cash tips and college refund checks, I saved my first $10,000 into a Roth IRA. As a 25th birthday gift to myself, I purchased my first property in one of the most expensive cities in the Unites States. The following year, I purchased my second property. As a result, I now have a net worth of six-figures- and I'm not even 30. The road to wealth building definitely came with a plethora of lessons, setbacks, and most importantly- victories!  I want to share with you all everything I know to earn and invest money.  I'm so excited to be a part of your wealth journey and can't wait to hear about your wealth success!



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Episode 66: Candice Latham Explains How to Get Debt Free and Invest Like a Boss at the Same Time
Episode 66: Candice Latham Explains How to Get Debt Free and Invest Like a Boss at the Same Time


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Working with Ashley gave me the tools needed to drastically improve my finances. Ashley sat down with me, looked through my bills and credit cards and created a plan for me. With Ashley's guidance, I improved my credit score over 150 points and am now a PROUD homeowner. Ashley really helped me with applying her extensive knowledge in a simple way I can apply for the rest of my life.


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