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Summary: When I moved to Washington, D.C. six years ago, I had no idea how to stretch my $32,500 government salary, how to save a salary so low, and most importantly how to get wealthier. Fast forward to today, I now own two properties in one of the most expensive cities in the world and have accumulated a six-figure net worth. 

I want to teach incoming D.C. transplants and federal employees how to make the most of their salaries to stress less about their lifestyle and focus more on serving their people. 

I am offering customized one-on-one money coaching for federal employees. We will work together to discover your money goals. I will craft a customized plan to suit your goals, and I will personally review the plan with you. Let’s work together to make those money moves!

Why Me?

I have been a natural saver my entire life. I opened my first investment account at 21 and purchased my first property at 24, By 28 I amassed a six-figure net worth without ever earning a salary over $100,000 (or even close to it). I worked with wealthy clients at Morgan Stanley, a Fortune 500 investment firm and would prefer to help clients who are just starting out on the wealth building track.

what you will get

Two PERSONALIZED Money Sessions:

  • I will ask questions about your money history, goals, and salary

  • I will create a custom plan including suggested housing and food budgets, budget breakdown, and money saving advice

  • We will meet again to review the plan and go over any questions you may have!

  • I absolutely look forward to working with you all