Coin Conditioning Bootcamp Coming April 2!


Group sessions available

Summary: This one-month course will discuss the past, present, and future of your finances.  The four salient underlying principles of the course that must be incorporated to achieve financial abundance: education, planning, sacrifice, and discipline.  Using a combination of group and individual sessions, the bootcamp discuss personal finance through 360 degree lens.  We will cover financial literacy, peer management, and goal setting. 

Course Cost: $250

Week 1: Financial Mindset/Budgeting
Week 2: Debt Repayment
Week 3: Credit Repair
Week 4: Homeownership/Wealth Creation

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Private one-on-one

Do you prefer private one-on-one sessions? Have a specific area needed to pursue financial abundance? Schedule an hour-long consulting program with me on any of your financial needs.

Hour-Long Session Cost: $75

Choose Consulting Help With:

Budget Management
Debt Repayment
Credit Repair
Homeownership/Wealth Creation

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