Episode 23: How I Got Chased Out of an Italian Grocery Store and Other Travel Tales

If there is anything in my life that excites me it’s traveling. The ability to travel gets a plethora of challenges, hurdles, and self-discovery that no other experience in life compares.  Not to mention, it’s enlightening on a whole other level to see how 7 billion other humans create their existence on this Earth.  This week’s episode delves into my appreciation for travel, and more importantly, why you should do it.  We also discuss simple tips on foreign travel. Remember, the human existence is salient- meaning all humans have to eat, sleep, communicate and procreate to survive. It has been a truly humbling experience to see how others adapt to these needs.


Quick and Dirty Tips on Foreign Travel:

-       Prioritize: When crafting your plan, choose ONE activity you wish to splurge on.  This can be travel, food, shopping, museums, excursions- THE OTHERS MUST FALL BACK.  What do you want to get the most out of your travel experience?

-       Take Advantage of Flights and Deals: There is NOTHING wrong with Spirit and WOW Air.  They market towards budget travelers.  That does NOT mean they are unsafe.  Certain countries are cheaper to fly to (ie Amsterdam and Iceland) than others.

-       Pack Light: If you choose the backpacking route, you will spend a lot of time walking and moving- no one has time for OD suitcases.  Plan ahead with what you plan to wear. Stick with neutrals and a scarf for accessories.

-       Have a Backup Plan!: Always have a plan in case something pops off in a country.  I always have $500- $1000 on hand for an emergency one-way ticket back to The States in case of unrest. 

-       The Black American Experience Doesn’t Translate: Being black and abroad may be different but it’s not deeply rooted in centuries of oppression and unrest.  If you are a person of color and you travel abroad, you probably will get stares and glances.  This is normal.  We absolutely do stand out and many haven’t seen dark faces in their lives. Just take it in stride and be proud that you represent a diverse America.