Episode 22: Lies My Parents Told Me

This week’s episode fares slightly away from the monthly topics discusses and delved into the issue of being a first generation college grad and the lies our parents told us about money.  Yes- lies.  To what extent do we keep the same financial mentality as our parents- knowing full well we out educate and out earn our parents?


Key Takeaways:

·      To what extent do our parent’s financial philosophies stay with us as we get older and earn high salaries?

·      How can we ensure that our bags match our bank accounts?

·      To what extents do we focus on the ‘now’ as opposed to ensuring the future stays lucrative?

·      How can we work toward changing out realities?

·      Multiple generations may jog financially, but we must continue to sprint with determination and a smile. WE WILL CATCH UP.

·      Education! It doesn’t stop at graduation.  We have to find resources that work toward teaching money management that no school or upper 100s class can ever teach.

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