Episode 24: CEO Spotlight with Yanely Espinal of Miss Be Helpful

Ya'll I KNOW it's been a long time but we're back and in action!! Today I have Yanely Espinal of Miss Helpful Info.  She has a fantastic YouTube channel dedicated to helping young millennials get their money right.  She grew up in poverty in New York City and managed to get out of over $25,000 in debt on a teacher's salary.  She truly embodies how to get your money right and that you DON'T need to come from wealthy means to learn how to generate wealth.  What I love about her interview is her explanation of mental investment to have a lifetime of mental stability and happiness.  My biggest takeaways for getting this money is:

  • Get a travel buddy

  • Plan ahead

  • Don't Fear Cutting Back When Abroad

  • There is no such thing as deprivation but it's regulation

  • Don't run away from the problem

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Thank you for Yanely's FANTASTIC help and advice!

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