Episode 25: CEO Spotlight with Rachel Hill of Rachel Travels

Today’s episode features the phenomenal travelpreneur and world traveller Rachel Hill of Rachel Travels.  Rachel bravely quit her lucrative six-figure corporate job to travel to Southeast Asia to find meaning and purpose in her life.  Her seemingly one-time adventure quickly morphed into a multilayered travel business and brand.  I had the upmost privilege of interviewing her to hear her insight on globetrotting, leaving corporate life, and getting the best deals on global travel.


Notable Takeaways:

·      When traveling, evaluate what you most plan to spend money on (flights, food, excursions)

·      Create a budget for your trip

·      Travel during the shoulder or low season

·      Embrace and understand you are a guest in someone else’s home.  You adapt their culture NOT the other way around


INFINITE thanks to Rachel of Rachel Travels for her info, insight, and intelligence.   Make sure you stay up to date with her travels and travel tips.  Thank you again @racheltravels!