Episode 26: I Was Over Corporate America So I Bounced


My career choices have been a strange paradox of working in the most prestigious institutions in America but not feeling part of the mission.  Over my numerous jobs, watching legislation pass, busy executives close major deals, and million dollar transactions, I only saw boredom and the passage of time.  I never felt that these jobs aligned with my purpose.  After working for Morgan Stanley, I KNEW that God had a greater purpose for me.  Instead of staying in a pretty consistent, relatively well-paying job, I decided to leave and take a chance.  Though I have NO idea what I’m doing or how I plan to earn a living from helping people get their money right, I KNOW I’m exactly where I need to be in my life right now. 


For those contemplating leaving their jobs, just do it!  Create a game plan, work toward making the game plan work, and execute! It’s not difficult.  Get this money and live in YOUR purpose. 


I have so much to do and I cannot wait to spend more time getting to know you all and crafting ways to get money! That’s ALWAYS the objective. Keep it fabulous and make your Thanksgiving great.

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