Episode 7: Cosmos and Convo: The Burgeoning Budget

This edition of Cosmos and Convo features a fashionista, a preschool teacher, and a savvy spender together to discuss their perspectives on budgeting and managing their finances. This episode tackles the struggle of splitting checks at restaurants, prioritizing paying Pepco, and the importance Divine Intervention for impulse purchases.


Today's Panelists Feature:

Tiffany Ingram, a savvy young professional and PhD candidate who provides career and fashion advice to inspire Millennial women to look fabulous both in the workplace and on the weekend.  She created the blog Policy and Fashion out of a need to help young women decode the "unwritten" rules of the workplace and learn how to cultivate meaningful relationships to excel their careers. She works to motivate women of all shapes and sizes to be confident and stand in their power with style and grace.
Instagram and Twitter: @policyandfashion


Shanelle Robertson, a southern gal who loves food, adventure and family. She is a graduate of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a B.A. in Psychology and Sociology with a Minor in Social and Economic Justice. She has spent the last 5 years working in urban education through an AmeriCorps Program called City Year. Her experience led her to recently switch careers to Community Organizing around affordable housing and combating gentrification in DC. Shanelle is passionate about helping the people around her realize their dreams and achieve financial freedom,  while dismantling the systems of oppression ;) More information available here.
Instagram: @thefreetruthmvmt


Patrice Davenport, a graduate student and preschool educator at Friendship Public Charter Schools in Southeast Washington, DC.  Patrice has worked as an educator for over six years, impassioned in helping toddlers from economically disadvantaged communities maximize their intelligence and potential.  Patrice's exceptional work in the school earned her a nomination as 2018 Teacher of the Year.