Episode 11: This Ain't House Hunters

So you want to be a homeowner eh? Here are my Top Ten Tips to helping you achieve homeownership from point A to ‘I got the keys’.


1.     Why do you want to buy a home?
Is this something that you want to do because of others? To flex for the ‘gram? Because ‘everyone else is doing it’? You’re probably not ready to buy a home. Homeownership is a personal choice. DFo you want to start building wealth? Buy an investment home? Want the tax benefits? If that’s the case, then you may be ready for homeownership.

2.     Get your money right!!!!
Homeownership is a NUMBERS game. This is not House Hunters. Homeownership is 90% financial and 10% searching for a home! The better your credit score and cash, the easier (and cheaper) your homeownership process will be.

3.     Have Coin!

You need to have some money down to buy your home. Not only are you paying for the down payment for your home, but you     also need to factor in inspection, titles, insurance, and commissions for your Real Estate Agent

4.     Find a Real Estate Agent and get a Preapproval
You can find a Real Estate Agent through Zillow, Yelp, referrals, in restaurants- they’re everywhere! However, the key is to find an agent that has your best interests in mind. It is all about relationship building. Additionally, this person will connect you to a proper lender for a preapproval- this is essentially how much the bank is likely to lend you if you applied for a loan. So no, the $700,000 house on Zillow may not be yours- yet.

5.     Start Searching!!
Look for your dream home!! Pretend like you’re on TV and be great!

6.     Place an Offer
If you find a home you’re in love with, work with your agent to make a competitive offer.

7.     Apply for a Loan
You have 30 days to formally apply for your loan- or mortgage. You need to have allllll of the financial documents in place again to apply for a loan. You want this part to be organized, and seamless. They monitor all accounts!

8.     Get an inspection for your home
Someone should come to make sure that your home is livable. If there are serious issues with your home you can include in the deal to either

9.     Set a Date
You want to find an official date where you, your Real Estate Agent, and a Title Attorney all sit down and go over documents to transfer the deed (rights of ownership) to you.

10.   Get to the Signing!!
This is the date that has been a long time coming. You’re essentially signing away your life and officially becoming a homeowner! After this process you’ll have the keys to YOUR house to do whatever you choose!! CONGRATS!!!!