Episode 12: CEO Spotlight Featuring Dominique Broadway

Good morning my wonderful CEOs! Today’s CEO Spotlight features Millennial Finance Coach, Entrepreneur, Speaker and Founder of Finances De-mys-ti-fied & The Social Money Tour. Domonique worked at top investment firms such as UBS Financial Services and Edelman Financial Services before realizing that she could better impact her community through entrepreneurship. Dominique strives to educate and encourage people to take control of their money. Her story on entrepreneurship, money, and homeownership at age 22 offers insight to getting what you want in your life.

Key Takeaways from this episode:

  • Get goals! Getting what you want requires planning and working to make your Dreams2Reality.

  • Be More Resourceful than Wealthy! The most successful people are able to use their resources to their advantage.

  • The Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of American (NACA) is a homeownership organization that provides down payment assistance for first-time homeowners. More information is located here.

  • Spend money smartly! Dominque managed to learn how to save and spend money purposefully.

  • Is Kylie Jenner truly self-made?

  • I am teaming with top Real Estate Agent Alex Sardegna and leading lender Troy Toureau of McLean Mortgage Corporation to give the rundown on homeownership. We will be there July 26th at 6:00pm. Attendance is FREE. Sign Up Here.