Episode 13: CEO Spotlight Featuring Maya Mitchell of Ms. Young Homeowner

Today’s CEO Spotlight features Maya Mitchell of Ms. Young Homeowner. Maya, along with four other under 25-somethings, decided to create a platform to share stories, provide advice, and offer inspiration to other young women on the pursuit of homeownership. Season 1 of Ms. Young Homeowner premiers on YouTube August 2nd and strives to deliver concrete advice on the homeownership process.


Key Takeaways:

  • E Trade: Maya speaks of being a conscientious consumer- that is, one who purchases commodities, but also invests and owns pieces of what she buys. She opened an Etrade investment account to invest in companies she regularly purchased from. Apparently it’s as easy as opening a Facebook account! Do it do it do it!

  • Research: Everything Maya does uses may references. From the Wall Street Journal, to asking friends, to Googling, Maya used all of her resources to make informed decisions with her investments and homeownership process.

  • Being RESOURCEFUL not HAVING RESOURCES: It’s not about what you have but what you DO with what you have. Maya has been blessed with opportunities to become a homeowner but she used them to her advantage. Take time to look at the opportunities and advantages you have in your life. We all have some. Be resourceful in each circumstance you have.