Episode 14: It Won't Yours To Begin With Month

Good morning everyone! Today is the FIRST day of August and what better way to commemorate going back to school, kickstarting a new year, or rounding off our summer than by talking about debt.  This is the FIRST episode of It Won't Yours To Begin With month.  We are talking about things debt, paying back money, and how to prevent yourself from getting into debt when thinking about college. I am absolutely looking forward to talking about the greatness that is this money!

Proper Money/Debt Management belies in the four following principles:

As long as YOU control where you money goes, YOU have a plan.  Planning for future expenses means you create a blueprint for where these coins get allocated.

We have to learn ways to properly get this money.  Just because our parents or schools didn't teach us how to get this money doesn't make it a proper excuse to not learn.  The information overload age makes it possible to learn everything from credit card repayment, to budgeting, to investing, to saving.  The (free) information is there if you want it. 

How focused are you to achieving your goals?  Getting this money is about more than doing prep work.  Stay focused on your goal. Persistence wins the race.

What are you willing to temporarily give up for a life of relaxation, choices, and opportunity? It may staying in more, getting creative with outfits, or learning to say no to friends and colleagues. Sacrifice is an investment for your long term happiness.