Episode 16: CEO Spotlight Featuring Andre Albritton of The Millennials Next Door

Good morning everyone and thank you again for listening to yet another fantastic episode of Stacks and the City. Today we have Mr. Andre Albritton of The Millennials Next Door. Some highlights of his episode include:


The Concept of a Millionaire:
According to the Thomas J Stanley's book The Millionaire Next Door, most millionaires aren't driving flashy cars and living in penthouse suites. In fact, most are business owners and regular people who do plumbing, contracting, and ‘regular’ work. They keep the money they earn and acquire their money.

Financially Conscious Thinking:
Andre believes if you think about your items you want to buy before you purchase, you will make more financially responsible choices. Instead of ordering the Uber X, financially conscious thinkers will evaluate choosing the Uber X while considering the cheaper options.


Zombies are Americans who don’t have $1,000 for an emergency fund and continually spend money they may or may not have.


Dave Ramsey:
This man is THE financial guru. His tips from debt snowballing to the 7 baby steps have helped countless people get out of debt. Check him out here.


Get out of the habit of spending more than what you earn, relying on credit cards (i.e. other people’s money to get your money to pay for discretionary items), or trying to put on heirs for others when your bank account is on empty. The true test of coin collection isn’t about the money you EARN, it about the money you KEEP. What’s your net worth?

Thank you again for listening and being such an amazing audience. I look forward to hearing from ya’ll soon!

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