Episode 17: CEO Spotlight Featuring Courtney Sanders of Think and Grow Chick

Today's episode features a phenomenal young woman named Courtney Sanders of the Think and Grow Chick.  Courtney's platform provides mentorship, empowerment, financial advice, and entrepreneurship help to millennial women all over the world. Courtney managed to make a multiple six-figure salary with her Think and Grow Chick platform.  Courtney's road to success didn't come simply; in fact, Courtney earned a full ride to Howard University only to lose her scholarship the following year.  Find out Courtney's wake up call, and her relentless drive to educate and elevate her financial position.  

Key Takeaways:

The Side Hustle is Real:
Courtney managed to use odd jobs, waiting tables, and selling unused belongings to pay off credit card debt.  Courtney humbled herself to use her drive to earn money and advance her financial position.

To What Extent Do Our Financial Purchases Appease Others?
Courtney said much of her consumer debt stemmed from delivery services and buying clothes to stay in fashion.  It makes us both question to what extent do we make purchases to help elevate our social status or to show others that we "have money".  Do we make purchases to show status and put on appearances?

The Story of Babylon
Courtney discussed a part from The Story of Babylon that she keeps with her to this day: for every dollar you make, keep ten cents.  In other words, save 10% of every dollar you earn.  To this day Courtney uses this mantra in both her business and personal finances.

It has been such an honor to interview Courtney.  Thank you so much for the opportunity! 


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