Episode 21: Online vs. Retail Shopping

What better way to continue to up your wardrobe and style game than by incorporating multiple shopping tactics into your wardrobe?  Today’s episode delves into best practices for conscientiously and intelligently clothes shopping both online and in stores. 


In Store Shopping Tips:
Window Shop- There is NOTHING wrong with going into a store and meandering around.  Window-shopping allows the opportunity to look at latest fashion trends, eclectic color combinations and patterns, and items you’d be interested in incorporating into your wardrobe.  It gives you  ideas! Take the time to scan a store to plan pieces that can work for your wardrobe.


Plan for What You Need- and a Price- I rarely go into a store with an intention to purchase without having an idea of what to purchase.  When you plan how you will build your wardrobe, you make smart strategic choices for  what to purchase.  Also, remember that price is arbitrary.  If clothing companies can make up prices for how much they want to charge, you can make up prices for what you’re willing to pay.  Stay patient- it will come!


Understand a Floor Plan of a Store- Clothing stores have items strategically placed for a reason.  Seasonal and target items will be front and center on display (and are also the most expensive).  Clearance and sale items will be in the back.  Stores want you to work for those deals (and be tempted to buy other non-sale items along the way).  Don’t fall for the traps! 


Sizing is Arbitrary- Don’t let the tags dictate your self-esteem and your fantastic body.  Companies change/update size charts all the time.  The number on the tag shouldn’t determine your fashion stunt game- the way an item makes you feel and look should.  Sizing is imaginary! 


Online Shopping Tips:
Embrace the Wish List- instead of adding clothes to your cart, add items to your wish list. This can become a mini Pinterest board of clothing options you like and can also develop your personal style.


Beware of  ‘Sales’- That goes for flash sales, blinking banners, limited time onlys- ya’ll- it’s simply a marketing tactic to get us to buy immediately.  Sales always and forever will exist.  Don’t be tempted by the banners to buy.


Know Your Size- The best way to avoid returns is to measure your body and look at the size charts.  The size charts will help you figure out if an online item works for you.


Delete the Apps-  Ya’ll…all of those clothing apps have to be deleted.  Shopping sans purpose leads to mindless buying.  Shopping for the perfect outfit should take a little work.  Always be intentional in your shopping.

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