Episode 31: Goals Game Strong

Hello everyone! Today is yet another fantastic episode of Stacks and the City and today we’re talking all about how to set goals. I truly believe that you can accomplish ANYTHING you want- you just have to start with strong goals!


A Good Goal is:

·      Specific: what is it exactly you want to do?  Write it down and be specific!

·      Time Measurable: what is the amount of time you’d like to achieve your goal? 6 months? 12 months?

·      Attainable: Is your goal possible to achieve in the amount of time allotted?  Make sure your goal is challenging yet possible!


Quick Tips:

·      Stay consistent with your goals! Just because you don’t see results today does not mean goals aren’t happening!

·      Find your motivation! Understand why you want to accomplish your goal and think about that everyday.


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