Episode 33: Desmond Scott, The Accidental Entrepreneur


Hello, everyone.  Today I had the absolute pleasure of meeting gym owner and change agent Desmond Scott of Prime Institute of Durham, North Carolina.  This accidental entrepreneur creates a gym environment that centers around the people who built it- his clients.  He asserts quality customer service as the timbre of his success.  But this is the show all about this money- what does Durham’s fitness guru say about finding motivation and fitness?


Key Tips and Takeaways:

·      The foundations of a good business are as follows:

o   Customer service, amenities, and services offered

·      Good customer service allows your business to grow and sustain

·      Stop Creating Too Big Fitness Goals!

o   It can be difficult to achieve without having a proper team to assist you

·      You’re not the only one who walks into a gym feeling confused and feel like everyone is judging you

o   Everyone feels that way and it’s all in your head!

·      A good gym should provide you a service.  If they don’t respond in a way that makes you feel confident then you have to take your money elsewhere

·      Going to the gym should focus on how you feel.  Do you feel good?  That’s your motivator

·      Fall in love with the method not the mission.


Ways to Save Money on Fitness

·      Utilize YouTube and Instagram for fitness inspiration and workout ideas.  They’re free- and fabulous.

·      Hire a meal prep service.  You’ll find that hiring a personal chef to create healthy meals will be cheaper in the long run than paying for meals daily. Need proof?

·      Keep all receipts! You’ll be surprised at how much money you spend on going out to eat in a month.  You’ll find that hiring people to help you eat clean could come out cheaper!

·      Start with walking.  Get into a habit of purposeful walking everyday.  That creates commitment- an essential component to working out.


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