Episode 29: It's Not About You

Ya’ll…we are in he swing of the holiday season and if there is one pet peeve of mine during this time, it is hands down the me, my, I mentality. This is he season of GIVING. We need to spend more of this time thinking about what we can do to make others happy. How often do we go Christmas shopping for others and see items we’d want (and eventually purchase) for ourselves? Why is that during this time of year we never seem to have enough money for others but we pull out the finest for ourselves for other times of year?

This time of year isn’t about you. It’s about bringing joy to someone else. Gift giving and spreading joy doesn’t have to cost oodles of money. Sending cards, texting and calling relatives and friends that you haven’t heard from in a while are all excellent (and inexpensive examples) of thinking about someone other than yourself. Get this money ya’ll and remember- this season isn’t about you!

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