Episode 32: CEO Spotlight Feature Yasmine Saibou of Darker Berrie

Hello everyone! I am so excited to highlight Yasmine Saibou of Darker Berrie, a lifestyle blog on fashion, money, and DC life from the perspective of a twenty-something young urban professional. Yasmine worked hard to create an abundant life of fortune, fitness, and fashion. She uses her experiences in relationships and her upbringing as fuel to be the best version of herself. She’s worked hard to reduce her debt and stay active in the gym all while staying flawless in photos. She provides a plethora of information on how we can be financially savvy in our relationships, how accessories can make an outfit of any price stylish, and how to get and keep waists permanently snatched.


Quick Tips:

  • Variable costs factor into your money more than you’d think! It ain’t only about the rent ya’ll!

  • Call them out! Pull out the W2s and pay stubs when taking steps to cohabitate with your partner.

  • Instead of doing the most with a goal do the least consistently. Start goals using the 30/50/80 plan. Start a goal 30% of the time and steadily increase your work to 50% and 80%.

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Episode 12: CEO Spotlight Featuring Dominique Broadway

Episode 12: CEO Spotlight Featuring Dominique Broadway

Good morning my wonderful CEOs! Today’s CEO Spotlight features Millennial Finance Coach, Entrepreneur, Speaker and Founder of Finances De-mys-ti-fied & The Social Money Tour. Domonique worked at top investment firms such as UBS Financial Services and Edelman Financial Services before realizing that she could better impact her community through entrepreneurship. Dominique strives to educate and encourage people to take control of their money. Her story on entrepreneurship, money, and homeownership at age 22 offers insight to getting what you want in your life.