Hello everyone! My name is Ashley Copeland and I am a twenty-something young woman living in Washington, DC.  I scraped and saved my way to owning two condos, and a total of $100,000 .  I did this all before 30 and without EVER earning a six-figure salary and had NO financial assistance.  How did it do it?  Ya’ll..good old fashioned hard work and living well beneath my means.  


I grew up with few material possessions.  We lived in a modest doublewide trailer, my mom drove a car from the 1990s (we were rolling windows up until 2012), and I can easily recall having one pair of shoes during my seventh grade year of middle school.  Despite these humble beginnings, my mom always told my siblings and I that though we may be ‘poor on paper, we are rich in spirit’.  Though we may not have an abundance of fancy material possessions, we had a mindset and energy that was greater than what money can ever buy.  I quickly learned that you didn’t need to spend a lot of money to be happy.  For fun, I remember catching frogs and fireflies with my sister, climbing to the deer stand in the cotton field beside my house to read and think, and sneak into the woods to walk and be one with nature (I told ya’ll I’m from the country).  My mindset, coupled with my humble beginnings quickly taught me that there are so many parts of live that can be enjoyed for free.  I kept this mentality through college, and as I began my career in the big city post graduation.  As a result of working two jobs, living WELL below my means, and continually educating myself on financial wellness, I opened an investment account at 21, purchased my first home by 24, purchased another by 26, and at the ripe age of 27 I’m shy of a $100,000 net worth. 


I want to welcome you to my world of finance, fashion and fun.  I am humbled and honored to share my story with you.  I want to show you that you too can have an abundance of money (heck, you already do!) and my podcast will show you how.  Thank you so much again for listening and let me know what ya’ll think!

Poor on paper yet rich in spirit.
— Cheryl Copeland

down and dirty tips to get this money 

  • Spend Less and Save More

  • Live Below Your Means

  • Think LONG TERM

  • Spend Coin with Intention